Charming and unique guestbook ideas...

I'm sure you've all noticed by now how I'm a "not so traditional" kind of girl.... Don't get me wrong, a traditional wedding is absolutely beautiful, but me... I love the fun and whimsical touches. Here's a few of my favorite "not so traditional" wedding book ideas that I'm sure you will love!

{Air out the dirty laundry}

This alternative guest book encouraged guests to "air out the laundry" of the bride and groom. The instructions were inscribed on a detergent bottle and encouraged guests to write funny stories about the bride and groom on little bits of cardstock in the shape of shirts, pants, socks and skirts. Clothes were hung with mini clothes pegs (available at any craft store) for all to see. Super cute!

{Type me a wish}

A vintage typewriter was set out with instructions for guests to type their good wishes to the bride and groom. Fun for everyone, really quite a charming display and makes for some amazing photos!

Love Tam

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  1. that is the most memorable thing someone could do! I just bought a new vintage type writer! I'm so excited to use it!